Land of Plenty – Manhattan, NY

Originally posted on Yelp on 8/21/2012

Land of Plenty $$ Chinese 204E 58th St New York, NY 10022

We found Land of Plenty while ambling around Manhattan, randomly peeking into different places. It was cold and the light from within felt warm and pulled us in.

Our server was so engaged with us and excited to discuss their menu. The server really pushed the fish so we obliged, though it’s not normally what we order when we go for Chinese.

We started off with some plump pan fried pork dumplings that weren’t really different from other dumplings we’ve had but were piping hot and delicious with the black vinegar on the side. We then had the pan fried noodles with mixed seafood. After that a plate of steamed fish filet with Asian chili that our server recommended made it’s way to our table.

We are so freaking glad the server pushed the fish. It was so delicious. Tender and meaty but mild in flavor that the spices sung in unison with the meat. Everything was seasoned perfectly. Plenty of favor without the gut bomb of thick over sweetened sauces.

Our faces warmed, and we started to feel a little giddy. We left plump and happy. Truly it was plenty.

I recommend this place absolutely if you want to step up your Chinese food. Get the fish!!

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