Welcome to Colette Eats! I’m not sure how you found me, but I’m happy you’re here.

This page has transformed several times. I used to blog here about food. Eventually I realized my writings were rather boring or inaccessible. I also found I really enjoyed sharing those thoughts in person with people over food rather than writing them down alone at my desk. I didn’t really keep up with it.

I have also worked briefly for a few places as a freelance food writer and am asked often if I ever plan to return. I actually found writing about food formally a little difficult. We are in the age of top ten lists touting the best pizza by the slice or beer selection. I find these so curious because if you are basing it just on taste- they experience feels so relative to the eater. While there are some obvious things you want to avoid, we all develop our appetites differently.

So I’m going to keep Colette Eats simple. The #1 thing I’m asked is where to go to eat. When I’m asked that, I usually follow up with a billion questions. To me, eating isn’t just about where the best burger is. It’s about what you like your burger to be, who your company is, and what setting you want to be in to sink your teeth into that burger.  Do you need a gluten free bun? a vegan option? a place that serves good cocktails as well?  I love to help find that perfect place for people. People who are searching for not only a good meal, but also a specific atmosphere and vibe. Having food cooked for you and served to you is a god damn gift- so when I eat out, it’s usually for more than just the perfect bite. It’s to connect with others, not only those eating with you but to those preparing the food, those who cultivated it, and those who serve it (not to say I don’t eat solo,  a solo meal is an amazing meditative experience from time to time). I also love to hear from others about their perfect places and why they love them.  The stories that surround our experiences at the table is what I love. Stories of celebration, healing, hardship, adventure, etc. I will work to have stories built into as many of these reviews as possible.

My hope is this page attracts eaters that are like me. My hope is together we build a database of reviews that aren’t heavily based on opinion. Instead, the reviews posted here will strive to provide a holistic look at eateries so you know what you’re getting into, and you can decide for yourself if that’s the experience you wanted. I hope others will add to their stories and reviews or add to other previous reviews.

So if you sound like my people, dig in. If you want to add to this, shoot me a message at coletteeats@gmail.com.*



*While posts are heavily in NY or KY, I welcome information and stories about any  eateries- all over the world.